Volusion – The Positive and Negative When Using This Ecommerce Solution Provider

Ecommerce Solution Provider

With so many choices between platforms out there, it really is no surprise why so many people get really confused and overwhelmed when choosing the right one for their ecommerce websites. Volusion is one of the best platforms out there and one of the really great things about it is that is allows store owners to really focus on selling and not have to deal with any technical stuff like servers, connecting the shopping cart to your site and so on. Volusion is responsible for powering over 40.000 online stores at the moment, which shows you just how popular it is, and to help you see if this is the right platform for you, in this article we have put together a few pros and cons for you to look at.

Con: It doesn’t offer a blogging function

The best way for an ecommerce owner to provide their customers with valuable content and capture their attention, while also building trust, is through a blog. This can be the place where you write interesting articles about the products that you sell or even articles through which you can test whether an item would do well in your store and so on. The easiest way to make a sale is if your customers trust you and to do that a blog is a great tool, so if your platform doesn’t offer that it can be a problem since your store and blog won’t be integrated which is makes it a lot harder for customers to find.

Pro: You have access to great customer support

There is nothing worse than running into a problem with your platform and not being able to figure it out on your own. The great thing about Volusion is that it comes with 24 hour support 7 days a week via online chat, email or even phone if you are really in a rush to figure things out. The support pages that they offer are already pretty simple and easy to understand, but having support where you can interact with someone and have them help you on the spot is a great perk that you don’t get with every platform, and not having that support can be a struggle if you happen to run into problems with your ecommerce.

Pro: They offer some very comprehensive ecommerce tools

Since the whole point of this article is finding a platform to help you run your ecommerce, then this on its own can be a good enough pro to seal the deal. Volusion offers you some incredible features that are both very comprehensive as well as very capable of helping you create a power house of an ecommerce. All of the tools and features that they offer come in all of the monthly plans that Volusion comes in and, as with most things, the more expensive the plan you choose, the more features you will get. Things like templates, the ability to set up hundreds of products, social media tools, mobile ecommerce, eBay and Amazon integration, the customer support we already mentioned are only some of the many features Volusion can offer you.

The fact that something has pros and cons automatically means that the thing is not perfect, but then again not many things are. Even though Volusion does have some cons as a platform, we still feel that it can be a very good choice for your ecommerce, and hopefully as time goes by they will take these cons into consideration and improve on them, and with that your user experience.